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 Hand's Care + Intensive Acne care gel

Great result on Intensive acne care gel! Pimple/acne dries off and lightened on next day!

Hand's care cream taking good care of dry hand.


Enzyme cleansing powder +Physical Sunscreen + Lip care balm

excellent cleansing effect for Enzyme powder cleanser

Matte finishing and non-greasy feeling for Physical Sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA +++

Lip Carr balm that are work best even for sensitive cracked lips 

Intensive Acne-Care Gel - Effective in treating acne/pimples
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Drynix Lotion best!

Good review for Drynix Lotion, keeps your skin deep hydrated.

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Non-sticky feeling of using After skin AC Lotion

Apply After skin Ac Lotion and non-greasy feeling afer applied. 

 Immediate interested to be our dealers after testing out products, proven to be effective.

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Enzyme Cleasing Powder & AC Lotion

Deep cleanse & skin lightening effect of Enzyme cleansing powder, fast absorption of AC Lotion after the wash

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Taking care of skin moisture - Hydration Care line

Sometimes people do confuse what kind of skin type they have, but with dr.eslee products, you can feel the difference on your skin. -No skin-straining Parabens, SLS/SLES, Chemical UV absorbents, and free of artificial fragrances
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Enzyme Based Cleansing Powder, good for oily skin as well

Great feedback for Enzyme based cleansing powder, taking care with your skin moisture level while clear of clogged substance on skin.

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Effective Sunscreen & Intensive Acne/Care Gel

Efficiency of dr.eslee Physical Sunscreen, by using small amount with big coverage. Even for Intensive Acne/Care Gel does the job perfectly, showing

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Every Products from dr.eslee feels great

Yes it really feels better, we dr.eslee are Dermatological Cosmetics :) 

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Gentle Cleanser & Drynix Lotion for Sensitive skin

Gentle Cleanser,low foaming cleanser for Atopic Dermatitis, good for dry & sensitive skin.

Drynix Lotion which rich in argan oil & ecocert shea butter helps absorbs into skin and tend to lock in moisture.  

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Physical Sunscreen - Coverage area with little amount

Great feedback from an influencer out there. Efficiency of Physical Sunscreen does the job, protecting your skin from UV-A & UV-B with just a little amount, it spread to your whole face.

Hence life span of the product is much more longer compared to others .:)

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Nice Texture for Moisturizer

Enzyme cleansing powder and Hydra Emulsion works the best out of dry skin. 

Nice texture for dr.eslee Hydra Emulsion

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Anti-Sebum Line- Cleanse, Toner & Moisture

Step 1 - Cleansing using Anti Sebum Wash Foam, cleansing with removing excess sebum/oil in and on your skin.

Step 2 - Toner with Skin Lotion, We have 2 range of Toner, Skin lotion & Skin lotion Mild. (should have try mild ver. 

Step 3 - Anti-sebum serum refer to Smooth Essence + , oil-free moisturizer and absorb very fast into your skin. 

Perfect for Oily skin and Acne-Prone

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Enzyme Cleansing Powder, Enriched Water Gel & Hydra Soothing Mask

Deep cleansing and whitening effect with dr.eslee Enzyme Cleansing Powder, with the combination of Enriched Water Gel & Hydra Soothing Mask = Radiant & cleanse skin :)
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Intensive Acne-Care Gel - Effective in treating acne/pimples

Proven effectiveness of Intensive Care Gel for acne use. Reduce Redness, get rid of pimples, and transparent gel. Even sensitive skin could use it :)

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dr.eslee Physical Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ 60 gm

Physical sunscreen has a mate finishing, it stay firmly on your skin and feels lighter compare to others Excellent feedback for customer around the globe, she found the gems within.
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Moisturizer - Hydration Care Line

Excellent feedback for our Hydration Care Line, best for dry skin and using natural scent derived from plants. Enriched Water Gel & Hydra Emulsion works the best for moisturizing skin. 

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Drynix Lotion - Positive feedback for Eczema skin usage

Drynix Lotion testimonials, gained positive feedback after using on Eczema & sensitive skin candidates. Smooth and Deep Moisturizing for our skin. 
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Facial Wash Foam - Clean & Refreshing

Deep cleanse effect with dr.eslee facial wash foam products. Feels clean & refreshing after usage :)

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Elpramo-C Cream - Pigmentation

dr.eslee Elpramo-C Ampoule & Cream - Excellent in lightening pigments and whitening skin. 
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dr.eslee Intensive Care Gel - Acne Prone use

Effective in treating acne problems