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Agency/Multi Levels Mechanics

Dermatological Cosmetics


Leading Supplier To Over 650+ Dermatological Clinics In Korea


Why our agency?


  • “dr.eslee” is a leading clinical dermatological brand in Korea since 2000
  • Only sold thru 650+ dermatological clinics in Korea with strong brand recognition
  • Leading anti sebum treatment in Korea, oil & antibiotics/steroid free
    - Over 1.3 million Intensive Care Gel sold to address acne and pimples issues
  • Now exclusive in Malaysia with sole distributorship rights
    - Protected margins & pricing

Platform - Leveraging multi levels (agencies)/network/direct marketing distribution model with appointed agents

Quality, Trust & Efficacy

  • Evidence based product development & clinically tested by universities in Korea and Germany
  • Registered and approved by both Korea Food & Drug Administration & Ministry of Health Malaysia. Have registered patents in both Korea & USA
  • Excellent testimonials on quality & effectiveness from consumers, refer website

Leveraging multi levels (agencies)/network/direct marketing distribution model



  • Leverage on multi-levels (agencies) or network marketing with appointed agents
  • Utilize dedicated online platform for order placement and fulfillment – efficient & effective operation
  • Membership site to monitor performance & incentives of both end users and down-liners – live and transparent

Interactive website for agency management and orders fulfillment

Role Of Agency

  • Focus on communicating brands strengths to end users for brand adoption
  • Recruit down-liners to assist in your agency development, both width & depth
  • Dedicating & focusing agency resources to development as
    - No delivery needed as it is taken care by us
    - No stock holding requirement with minimal sales to maintain agency
    - Training and sales support tools are provided

Comprehensive support structure to create a secondary income stream

Business Model Elements/Requirements

Simple joining in process as agents

  • Above 18 years old & Malaysia residents
  • No membership or joining fees
  • Only one time purchase of RM500 with attractive supportive sales tools
  • Only target to maintain agency membership – just cumulative RM500 purchase in 3 months
    - Hence limited stock keeping & price dumping, RISK FREE & NO STOCKS HOLDING

Attractive incentives & simple calculation

  • Monthly payout & incentives based on sales only, 25% for 1st level
    - Quarterly & special incentives scheme too
  • 6 levels incentive entitlements & lifelong (as long as you maintain your agency)
    - Entitle to down liners incentives with minimal requirements
    - End users and down liners are linked to your agency via linkage of IC number to agency code

Our agency partnership – simple, easy, rewarding & supportive

Supportive business building tools

  • Membership with FOC products, sample packs, premiums & other sales tools
  • Dedicated website :-
    - Ordering & payment via online for efficient operation
    - Agents can track sales and incentives (live and online) at agency levels
  • Agents focus on agency development (width & breadth)
    - Delivery done by us – no stock holding & hassle free operation
    - Down liners training & support
    - “Recruitment Kit” by agency
    - Conducted by us “dr.eslee Malaysia”

Focus on business building – no logistics, no delivery & stock holding

Steps to be An Agency

Officially you are an Agent

Monitoring Tools – Business Building & Transparent

Facilities to manage sales, members/down-liners performance

How to maintain your agency?

  1. Minimal quarterly (3 months) cumulative purchase of RM500 as commitment to enjoy your own/downlines incentives
    • Low target & sales is only criteria – simple & straight forward
    • Reminder will be send to you if you are behind this simple target with a 30 days grace period to fulfill
    • Self monitoring via website on sales performance

Our agency partnership – simple, easy, rewarding & supportive

How to maintain your agency? - Example

How to register an end user/member?

Your end user customer is linked to your agent code – lifelong incentive

How to register a down-line agent?

Registration as end user and agent in1 step – IMPORTANT TO ADD IN AGENT CODE

How to become an agent from a member/end users?

Option to enrol as agent after registered as end user/member

Agent Starter Set

  1. 1st purchase for agent eligibility & approval – one off purchase only
    • Minimum RM500 with max RM10,000 of your chosen products
    • With this purchase, these are your benefits & support provided
      • 25% incentive on your purchase value, payable at the end of the month
      • Sample packs for your prospective end users and down-line agents
      • Communication kits – booklets & USB
      • Commitment of providing training from us
  2. Upon the successful recruitment of your first downline agent
    • Sales Bag & company T shirt
    • Premiums gifts
    • Business cards in holder with Agent Code

Our agency partnership – simple, easy, rewarding & supportive

Incentives – Example Of Income Potential

Example with these assumptions :-

  1. Average monthly sales per agency & downline is RM4,000
  2. Each agency develops 3 downline agencies (You can have more, both in depth & width)

You recruit, we support & train – growing together

Simple steps to be an Agency

Step 1

Briefing by our Business Development Team

Step 2

Obtain a sample pack with product info booklet & related materials

Step 3

Attend product training & online website familiarization

Step 4

Buy starter set & agency code is provided

Agency Starter Kit (One time purchase)

  • Purchase - min RM500, 25% Incentives
  • Sales bag & T shirt
  • Recruitment kit & presentation software
  • Business cards & sampling packs
  • Premiums for end users

Working together to develop your agency – training & resources